Flight Review: TAP Portugal Airlines A330 Business Class Lisbon to Boston

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This flight was part of our return from Europe during our June 2017 EuroTrip, to see how we got there click here. 

TP 217
Lisbon (LIS) - Boston (BOS)
Saturday, June 3rd
Depart: 10:45am
Arrive: 1:22pm
Duration: 7hr 36min & 3183 miles

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Seat: 2C Business Class

Points redeemed for this leg (which included a connecting flight from Boston to LAX): 55,000 Amex Membership Rewards transferred to Aeroplan

Points Accrued primarily from spending and signup bonuses on the following credit cards:

We had been traveling for several weeks so we headed to the check-in desk in terminal 1 to check our bags. For business class passengers, there is a small check-in counter to the left immediately after entering the terminal. There was a slight hiccup checking our bags through to LAX, but it was sorted out and we headed to security.

Utilizing the "fast-track" option on our boarding passes, we were through in just a few minutes and didn't have to wait in line.

We went to the ANA lounge, which has nothing to do with ANA Japan Airlines who doesn't even fly to this airport. It was well designed with lots of seating, but a pretty poor drink/snack selection and college dorm quality bathrooms + showers. I would pass on a shower in this lounge if you can afford it.

We headed to our gate about 50 minutes before scheduled departure and cleared passport control before heading to our actual gate. Because this flight was bound for the United States, there was additional security at the gate and they frisked your bags before allowing you into the gate area, so make sure to leave enough time for all of this if flying to the US through LIS. 

Boarding was a little complicated, one very entitled woman even complained that passengers with disabilities, families with small children, and those needing extra assistance got to board before her...come on lady! But it got underway and we headed straight into the plane and turned left!

Right when I entered the cabin, I was excited because this plane happened to be one of a select few TAP A330s with the brand new Thompson Vantage seats. Compared to the business class product on their other planes, this was a major upgrade and also completely unexpected, so I was pleasantly surprised by this change.

Made it to my seat!

Comfort: This is a really comfortable seat. I didn't feel uncomfortable at any stage of flight and actually slept really well until I was awoken for lunch. It was also long enough for me to sleep and somewhat stretch my feet out, as I am quite tall, which was a plus. It was excellent for working, which is something a lot os business class seats don't seem to accomplish.. I'll get into this more in a minute.

Storage: This seat has a ton of storage. I could keep absolutely everything I wanted to access during the flight within arms reach. This is really valuable to me. Between several compartments directly to the left of and above the seat, some room below the "desk," and the footwell, there's really no issue with storing your stuff in this seat, see for yourself.

Space: I thought this seat was really spacious, not super private, but whatever the opposite of cramped is, it felt like that. I was doing some work while I was eating and I don't remember ever having a better work station on a plane (and this seat didn't even have the maximum amount of space that's available on some seats in this cabin!). I sat across the aisle from my girlfriend, but found it easy to talk to her when need be. Foot space was excellent and doubled as a place for shoes and a change of clothes.

The Meal Service:

I really enjoyed the meals on this flight. I don't believe TAP is renowned for their food service, but they did a good job with this flight. The service was attentive, the presentation was nice and the taste was great. Thankfully there was a lot less silverware involved than our flight to Europe with SAS.


The Menu

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed myself on this flight and in these new seats. If TAP flew to the US West Coast, it would be a fantastic way to cross the Atlantic. I'm sure connecting from Lisbon, which is relatively far from the heart of European business markets isn't in the best interest of most business travelers, but if I was East Coast based, I would absolutely fly with TAP to get to Europe again. 

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