Mekong River Cruise and Tour

In January, I visited Vietnam and Cambodia  on the trip of a lifetime. It was also my first time in the entire, gigantic continent of Asia and it was absolutely eye-opening, so naturally I had to make a video.

We took a boat from Southern Vietnam to Central Cambodia via the Mekong river stopping at a number of towns, villages, temples, and restaurants that served tarantula, which I ate. It was awesome to be fully immersed in a completely different culture and to have a bunch of takeaways that now influence my day to day life back home.

Each night I worked on this project I was being constantly reminded of the magic of traveling and how it can so quickly and easily change you for the better. There’s just nothing quite like going to a foreign culture and trying to understand it in contrast to your own. My biggest hope is that every good person has the opportunity to do that whenever and wherever they please. 

Please give the video a watch in brilliant 4k and let me know what you think!